Guinea Bissau crave MOWCA’s support in dredging of its shallow seaports, export challenges.

Guinea Bissau crave MOWCA's support in dredging of its shallow seaports, export challenges.



The government of Guinea Bissau has sought ties with the Maritime Organisation of West and Central Africa (MOWCA) to address its challenges in exporting cash crops due to her shallow seaports

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The Honorary Consular of the Republic of Guinea Bissau in Abidjan His Excelleny Kamissoko Mori who received Secretary General of MOWCA , Dr. Paul Adalikwu in his Abidjan office at his office, also sought support of MOWCA for support in dredging the coastline and to provide containers to boost foreign trade in the country.

The Consular assured of intimating his country about the laudable reorganising feats of MOWCA in the last one year.

Commending Dr Adalikwu for setting MOWCA on the path of sustainable progress, Mori promised to convey MOWCA’s message to his country’s Transport Minister in Bissau where appropriate action will be taken for the country’s full engagement with MOWCA.

The Consular stated that Guinea Bissau has the best Groundnuts but they are faced with the challenges of exporting the cash crop due to their shallow seaports and craved for MOWCA’s support in addressing some of these challenges which include dredging the coastline and to provide containers to boost foreign trade in the country

He lauded Adalikwu’s strategic plan which he described as a product of rich managerial planning and capability deserving of support from all member states.

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Adalikwu who earlier presented his strategic plan and vision for repositioning MOWCA expressed concern in bringing on board all member states that were largely inactive over the past decade.


The SG described Guinea Bissau as an important member state of the organisation that has a lot to benefit from the multilateral gains of MOWCA.

While intimating Ambassador Mori about the recent meeting MOWCA held with top officials of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London, Adalikwu said the organisation is committed to achieving pollution free cost effective shipping with increased focus on the safety of seafarers, cargoes and vessels across West and Central Africa.

Adalikwu extolled the commodity export capacity of Guinea Bissau especially in the area of cashew, groundnuts and it’s other resources such as aluminium ore, aluminium oxide and others.

He described the country as one with great potentials for intra African trade under the aegis of African Continental Free Trade Area(AfCFTA) agreement.

MOWCA according to Adalikwu desires seeing all member states, including Guinea Bissau participating actively in her activities for the common good.

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