Lagos begins free drug supply to Ilera Eko health care providers

Lagos begins free drug supply to Ilera Eko health care providers


The Lagos State Government, in its determined efforts to ensure that ILERA EKO enrollees have access to quality healthcare and adequate drugs, has commenced the distribution of drugs to ILERA EKO Healthcare Providers free of charge.

The General Manager of Lagos State Health Management Agency (LASHMA), Dr. Emmanuella Zamba said that the drugs supplied are only for ILERA EKO enrollees, adding that the State Government decided to support ILERA EKO Providers with more drugs for enrollees towards ensuring that they have value for their money.

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She said that Government is worried from the feedback received from some enrollees that, not all the drugs prescribed by the Doctors were usually available and dispensed to them at the Hospitals.

The General Manager also added that the State Government, considering the economic situation in the country and the high cost of goods and services including hospital items, decided to dispense the drugs to further cushion the effect of the hardship.

Dr. Zamba noted that the intervention will also provide financial support for the hospitals as the money initially meant to purchase these drugs by the hospitals, could be used for other items which would not only be of great benefit to ILERA EKO enrollees but to all the patients using the hospitals.

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She said that government would not relent in its efforts to support healthcare facilities because they are critical to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Commending Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for this laudable and kind gesture, Zamba said that the drugs would be distributed to all facilities under the scheme according to the number of ILERA EKO enrollees registered in each facility.

She urged the Healthcare Providers to always demonstrate good standards, provide quality care and treat ILERA EKO enrollees with utmost care.

In her words, “The Agency has lined up several interventions that will ensure that all residents get quality healthcare. One such intervention is the supply of medication at no cost to the hospitals, in recognition of the efforts of the healthcare providers partnering with the Lagos State Government to provide access to ILERA EKO enrollees”.

The Medical Director, County Hospital, Ogba, Dr. Amos Azun, receiving the drugs on behalf of the Hospital commended the Lagos State Government and LASHMA for supporting ILERA EKO Providers. He appealed that the Government should continuously support the Providers with drugs and other basic needs that will further enhance better healthcare delivery in Lagos.

He pledged that County Hospital would not relent in doing its best to provide accessible and quality healthcare to ILERA EKO enrollees.

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