Idimogu urges Tinubu to tackle insecurity

Idimogu urges Tinubu to tackle insecurity


…says removal of fuel subsidy is for the betterment of the Nation


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Barely one week after the inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu ,an APC stalwart Honourable Jude Chukwuemeka idimogu has appealed to the president to effectively tackle the challenge of insecurity as well as unity and peace of Nigeria as a country.

He stated this during a news conference with Journalist in Ejigbo Lagos, where he pointed out that a new template should be brought up by the president so as to curtail, if possible eliminate the entire issue of terrorism, banditry and the likes because the goal of every government is to provide security and welfare for the citizenry.

The former lawmaker who represented Oshodi/Isolo ll in the 9th Lagos Assembly stated further that despite the fact that the president has given the service chiefs a matching order, the battle against insecurity is winnable by our gallant military men and officers in the theatre of war, Nigerians still need to support the present administration so as to make Nigeria a better place.

“For years Nigerians has suffered greatly in the hands of terrorist, banditry and the likes and these has crumbled the economic growth of the country, food security is no longer in evoke as people are scared to go their farms, but when we support and encourage this government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Nigeria will be a safe haven.”

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“Part of what president Tinubu emphasized on during his campaign was to provide solutions to the insecurity challenges that have ravaged the country, which I would expect him to intensify efforts in eradicating insecurity.” He stated.

Hon idimogu also backed President Bola Tinubu on the removable of fuel subsidy, stressing that the removal of fuel subsidy is for the betterment of the country, noting that the president has promised living wages so as to bring succour to the lives of the citizenry .

The Deputy Apex leader of Ndigbo APC Lagos State explained that there is a need for the government, security agencies , to check the arbitrary price increase of the product, stop exploitation of the people by fuel marketers and their dealers who are out there to tarnish the image of the new administration in the eyes of the public.

Continuing,he said that Nigerians must learn how to sacrifice,where every individual must restructure their finance and expenditures, noting that the government has indirectly come up with structural adjustment program (SAP).

” What the government is trying to do is for us to minimize our expenses,we cannot be borrowing so as to be funding consumption. With fuel subsidy there is so many corruption as some marketers are siphoning us dry and the president have said it has to stop with your help and my own, the fuel subsidy is long overdue and a welcome the development for the good of Nigerians” he submitted .

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He opined that the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will bring about a better economic, employment opportunities, renewed hope and a better Nigeria, pointing out that he will do something different from other past leaders.

He therefore urged the government to do the needful by putting necessary palliative policy measures and logistics to soften the hardship that might accompany the new paradigm shift while appealing to the president to take the welfare of civil servants seriously by providing motivational incentives to improve the working conditions of workers and ensure commensurate take home wages and salaries are paid as of when due.

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