Don’t allow Customs, government officials use you for illegalities,’ dockworkers warned

Don't allow Customs, government officials use you for illegalities,' dockworkers warned

The MWUN should be part of the task team because we are the engine room, we are the one that lay the golden egg that everyone clamour for today.

Awareness should be given to the workers because if you are going to someone’s house with a dangerous weapon, he will fight back

We will give you maximum support required to succeed in your task

Happy Diamond Age

We are transformed, respected union leaders today

To me and my executives, we say no to drugs. Our members are not the importers of illicit drugs and we must not be used as scape goats.

Anyone member caught with illicit drugs will cease to be our members.

I want to use this medium to appeal to your team that what happened at Tincan Island should be resolved. 2hat happened in Tincan Island will never happen again.

Any dockworker in the port today is a bonafide and employed worker.


assure you today that the issue you mentioned is a thing of the past. It will be reviewed and resolved.

PSTT is a child of circumstance. It is because agencies are not doing what is expected. That is why govt said that there should be a monitor.

Maritime is a cash cow that can sustain this economy is well harnessed. The average cargo dwell time in Nigeria is 23 days 2hike in Cotonou , it is 2 days.

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Our duty is to monitor activities right from vessel arrival to departure. The time of Port Health in vessels now is 45 minutes. 2 Customs, 3 immigration officials to board the vessels for 39 minutes and if they stay longer, they have to explain in writing.

In one hour, there must be break bulk on vessel even if the customs have not disembarked.

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