Acquisition: MWUN insists on payment of workers’ benefits from Bollore, TICT

Acquisition: MWUN insists on payment of workers' benefits from Bollore, TICT


Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria has insisted on full payment of workers’ benefits after sale of 100% of Bollore Africa Logistics and Tincan Island Container Terminal (TICT) to MSC Group

Recall that the regulatory and completion approval that conditioned the completion of operation, the Bollore Group announced on December 21st, 2022, the sale of Bollore Africa Logistics to MSC Group.

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Bollore which has the majority stake in TICT lso sold its shares to same buyer hence the agitation by the union that its members must be paid off for what they have done over the years before a new agreement can be signed with the new management.

Citing instances of 2006 port concesioning, the workers stated that they could not afford to continue with the new arrangement since they are not privy to the agreement between the duo

Meanwhile, the managements of the two organisations had at different fora assured the workers that change of management would not affect the workers’ payment at the end of their service.

The managers added that the terms of take over included both assets and liabilities.

But speaking at the weekend, President General of MWUN who doubles as the first Deputy President of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Adewale Adeyanju stated that there is no way he would be aversed to the demands of his members.

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He said the workers wanted to be paid off before deciding on what next to do.

His words, “The matter is still on and the issue of Bollore being bought over is no longer news but the management of Bollore and TICT are yet to get back to us but already, they have written to us that it is a confirmed news that they have been sold.

“Our stand still remains that the workers in those organisations need to be paid off and they have to sign a new agreement but the management of TICT and MSC are yet to get back to the union

“We need to write to 5hen again so that they can come and tell the whe world as they did last time because we are still going to call mother town hall meeting.

“The demand of the workers in the organisations is that they should be paid for 3hat they have done before they continue with the new arrangement.

“The union cannot run away from the responsibility of not backing the workers because they are the ones that have suffered for many years under the management and a new management is coming to take over Nd you are telling them it is just about the name change. It is not the name, it is about the arrangement between the buyer and the seller.

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“We need to meet the buyer and the seller to discuss the terms and if I want to remain with you, I will remain and if I don’t 3ant to remain with you, I will quit

“The generality.of the workers want to be paid what they have done before they decide whether to continue with the firm’s or not. That’s the mind of the workers.

“So, I cannot go outside the wish of the workers,” he maintained.

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