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A tribute to journalism Colossus, Samuel Ibiyemi, Publisher, Nigerian News Direct Newspaper

A tribute to journalism Colossus, Samuel Ibiyemi, Publisher, Nigerian News Direct Newspaper

Yinka Onigbinde

With heavy hearts, we honour reminisce on the extraordinary life and immeasurable contributions of our dear publisher and editor. As I reflect on your journey, I find solace in the indelible mark you left on our hearts and the literary world.

With unwavering dedication, our esteemed publisher and editor embraced the written word as a vessel for inspiration, knowledge, and the power to touch lives.

Happy Diamond Age

He possessed an unparalleled passion for storytelling, recognizing its ability to transcend boundaries and connect people from all walks of life. His innate understanding of the written artistry fueled countless reporters’ dreams and illuminated the path to the success of many Journalists of which I am one of them.

Ibiyemi unwavering commitment to nurturing talent and refining manuscripts transformed the ordinary into extraordinary. With a discerning eye and compassionate spirit, you tirelessly supported your reporters pushing boundaries and encouraging them to explore the depths of their creativity.

Your insightful guidance and impeccable editorial prowess elevated the news story to new heights, ensuring that each published work resonated with authenticity and brilliance.

Beyond your professional achievements, our beloved publisher and editor had an unwavering belief and faith in God. I remembered those days you would call me to your office for prayers, we would pray together agreeing on certain things and indeed they always come to pass.

We dare not joke with our Monday prayers when you are around, you will hold our hands and we will pray together as though we were family, you instilled in me the habit of praying.

You championed stories that needed to be heard, amplifying diverse voices and fostering an editorial landscape that celebrated inclusivity and empathy.

Yet, your impact extended far beyond the pages of newspapers. It nurtured a sense of community, bringing together writers, readers, and editorial enthusiasts through their tireless efforts.

Your contribution to the community where you lived was indeed a blessing to the people in the community.

I remember that every year you task yourself with the burden of repairing the dilapidated road in the community where you lived

Today, I bid farewell to a visionary, a mentor, and a cherished friend. Though your physical presence may be gone, your spirit lives on. I honour your legacy by continuing to create, explore, and embrace the transformative power of news stories.

To our beloved publisher and editor, your words will forever echo in our hearts, and your legacy will continue to guide our editorial endeavors. May your soul find eternal peace, knowing the profound impact you have left behind.

Rest in peace, dear Publisher. You will be deeply missed, but your memory will forever inspire us to strive for greatness in the realm of journalism.


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