Why Police, IMAN taskforce raided Kamange warehouse threatens legal action against warehouse owners


Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) has explained why its enforcement team with the aid of the men of Nigeria Police swooped on Kamange International Limited Warehouse in Abule Oshun, Lagos state.
The team stated that the operators of the warehouse allegedly engage in illegal activities especially importation, sales and distribution of stuffed tyres in the country.
In a release, Chief Obinna Michael, National Coordinator of IMAN Taskforce said that the organisation was duly registered with the sole aim of checkmating activities of its members, including illegal importation and in collaboration with the Nigeria Police to enforce compliance.
On why the Police and IMAN Taskforce recently raided Kamange International warehouse, the Coordinator said, “Sometimes ago, we found out that there were a lot of dubious importers in Nigeria who are into illegalities of bringing in substandard  tyres. Some of them fake another company’s products, some are bringing stuffed, expired and Tokunbo tyres. Then, they will rebrand it as new ones and sell it to innocent Nigerians.
“All these things causes accidents .So we went on investigation to know who and who are into this business. We found out that Kamange is among the major Importers of stuffed and substandard tyres. They have warehouses in Ibadan, Onitsha, two in Lagos and other places.
“Then, through our investigations we discovered that they are bringing in the stuffed tyres from Apapa port. We then wrote a petition to the Police against their illegal importations, police did their own findings and got a search warrant, they came down from Abuja to Lagos, went to the warehouse through the way we lay our surveillance and discovered stuffed tyres, expired ones and tokunbo tyres and others inside there. With 4 x 40ft containers still offloading the stuffed tyres, which they brought in recently.
“Police made their arrests, took samples and also took statement from the warehouse manager, they are being invited to Abuja on the 27th of this month and we are going to meet there.
“In IMAN, when we see things like this, we invite the Police and the police will know how to liaise with other security agencies” Obinna narrated.
He stated further that Kamange International Limited is owned by a Chinese. He  alleged that the man ran away from China  because of his dubious acts  and now he is on the run from Nigeria.
On the allegations of IMAN Taskforce collecting money from Kamange, the Taskforce Coordinator said is not true.
“That is not true, the Kamange is on the run as I am talking to you. We have not set our eyes on him.”
On the alleged illegal activities of IMAN, he said
Denouncing the alleged illegal activities of the team, he said, “IMAN is not an illegal organisation, we are duly registered with government approval in 2007. Why we register  is for all importers to be in one umbrella. So if government wants to deal with Importers, we come with one voice to talk. And to make sure that importers do the right thing at the right time by bringing in  approved products into the country” he said.
The IMAN Taskforce threatened to take legal action against Kamange for smearing its name by claiming that IMAN collected  money, after the police have concluded its investigations.
IMAN also  appealled to other Government Agencies, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration Control ( NAFDAC) to partner with IMAN to tackle the influx  of illegal products into the country.

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