Ukrainian seafarers seek global assistance for Ukrainian soldiers, stop attacks

Ukrainian seafarers seek global assistance for Ukrainian soldiers, stop attacks

The Marine Transport Workers’Trade Union (MTWTU) of Ukraine has called on global seafarers and countries to lend support to the Ukrainian soldiers as well as help appeal to the Russia to stop attacks on Ukraine

On its Twitter handle, MTWTU_ITF, on behalf of the 80,000 seafarers in the country, Oleg Grygoriuk while thanking seafarers globally for the messages and calls, said colleagues all over the globe should help ensure their sky is strongly guarded.

The message reads, “My Dear Brothers and Sisters All Over the Globe!

Happy Diamond Age

“For the last three days of devastating war in my beloved Ukraine | have received hundreds of calls, messages and official letters of support from every corner of the globe from world trade union leaders, ship owners, ship managers, various maritime organizations and institutions expressing their solidrity, support and readiness to come for help.

“With gratitude and appreciation | am responding to you all on behalf of nearly 80,000 Ukrainian seafarers and dockers, teachers and students, families of all our massive membership around the entire Ukraine.

“| kindly ask you all to urge your governments to send out the message to the Aggressor with a request to stop attacks on Ukraine and bring him to the negotiations table.

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“Help us ensure our sky is strongly guarded with a restless missile defense. Please provide your support to the Ukrainian Army the bravest warriors out of all I know.

“Please request your governments, on behalf of your membership, to supply Ukraine with real support help us save our Ukraine our strong, independent and free home.

“For every human on Earth there is nothing more important than a peaceful sky above. With all my heart | wish you never experience the fear we all carry within ourselves here in Ukraine these days.”

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