Russian suffers more fate as ABS withdraws services

Russian suffers more fate as ABS withdraws services

…IACS withdraws association membership of RMRS

The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) said it has withdrawn all class services involving Russian vessels, assets and companies

The society has joined the growing list of classification societies withdrawing services to Russian-linked entities.

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Abs said it withdrew its services because, “After careful consideration of the situation in the Ukraine and the Black Sea as well as the applicable sanctions.

It added that the decision “Follows the tragic events developing in Ukraine and a thorough evaluation of the evolving regulatory and sanctions environment and its applicability to ABS operations. As a U.S. company, ABS strictly follows both the letter and the spirit of U.S. sanctions law.”

ABS says it is “In the process of communicating with all affected clients and stakeholders to ensure a safe and orderly transition out of ABS class” and that it is in contact with all employees in the region and working to ensure their safety.

Meanwhile, the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) has withdrawn the association membership of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

The decision follows the European Union’s listing of RMR as a state-owned enterprise subject to EU sanctions imposed in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

A statement released by IACS says:“ Following the recent, tragic developments in Ukraine and resulting actions taken by governments and other entities worldwide including, in particular, sanctions in the U.K. where IACS is domiciled, IACS Council has been continuously reviewing the developing sanctions landscape to ensure it complies fully with all legal requirements.

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“As part of that ongoing evaluation, and following the receipt of external legal advice, IACS Council today agreed that the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’s (RMRS) ongoing membership of IACS is no longer tenable.

“As such, and under the terms of its Charter which requires agreement from 75% or more of its members, IACS Council has therefore adopted a resolution that the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’s membership of IACS is withdrawn with immediate effect.

“IACS deeply regrets the circumstances that have resulted in this decision and hopes that hostilities in Ukraine will cease as soon as possible, and that peace will return to the region.”

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