Russia intercepts large quantity of weapons supplied by US, UK to Ukraine

Russia intercepts large quantity of weapons supplied by US, UK to Ukraine

Russia captures large quantity of weapons supplied by US and UK to Ukraine including US javelin missile systems and British NLAW missiles, IFX reports

Russian troops have reportedly seized US, UK supplied weapons in Ukraine, Interfax has reported citing Russian Defence Ministry’s spokesman, Igor.

United States, Great Britain and other NATO Nations had prior to the 8nvasiin of Ukraine shipped a large number of weapons to Ukraine to defend the country against invasion.

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In January, the US sent a shipment of 300 javelin anti tank missile in military aid to Ukraine.

Now, the large number of those weapons are in Russian custody.

Konashenkov, Interfax reported that Russian troops conducting a special operation in Ukraine have seized a large quantity of weapons recently supplied by Western countries.

“During the hostilities, a large quantity was seized of weapons supplied by Western countries to Ukraine over the past several months”, Konashenkov saidl

“Among the trophies are the American Javelin anti-tank missile systems and British NLAWs”, he added

According to NY Post, in January, American shipment of military assistance for Ukraine weighed in at nearly 80 toms and included 300 javelin missiles

The US also sent the third instalment of the $200 million in aid authorized by President Biden – tipped the scales at 79 toms, according to the US Embassy.

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“300 javelins, 79 tons of security assistance for Ukraine’s armed forces’ the Embassy wrote

‘Tonight, the third shipment of $200 million in assistance authorized by President Biden arrived at Boryspil Airport in Kyv. The US stands with Ukraine and we will continue to provide Ukraine the support it needs”

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