Reprieve as Customs considers 10% depreciation value, other laws in vehicle clearing procedure 

Reprieve as Customs considers 10% depreciation value, other laws in vehicle clearing procedure 

Freight Forwarders can heave a sigh of relief as the management of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) may soon comply with relevant laws and conventions that Nigeria is a signatory to in vehicle clearance procedures

The freight Forwarders discussed the development when they met with management of the service in Abuja recently where they rejected what they described as outrageous inputs in the VIN valuation system.
National Vice President of ANLCA, Dr. Collins Farinto stated this in a message to members where he called for patience and understanding among the agents

He said, “A presentation which shows that the various laws like  the issue of 10% depreciation of value in line with Legal notices 30, is complied with and we also carefully picked few vehicles to calculate their duty payable if it actually falls in line.The presentation has shown that Customs will comply with relevant laws that Nigeria is a signatory to,” he enthused.

Speaking further, Farinto said they called the attention of the Service to accident and salvage vehicles which are yet to be imputed into the system. He maintained that those ones according to their agreement, would be done within the shortest time, adding that there would be another stakeholders meeting before a port will be.picked as a pilot scheme.
Explaining, the NVP stayed that “There are two types of vehicles
1)The Standard Chassis has comply with Vin by having 17 characters (figure and alphabet) and can conform with Vin valuation when the implementation begins but for Non Standard Chassis vehicles, which are vehicles from Asia, China etc, all you have to do for its clearing is to apply to the Area comptrollers who will authorize the releasing officer to ascertain the year before valuation will issue value manually.If all things are put in place ,it will be to the advantages of the agents because once the actual duty is paid, there won’t
A) there won’t be any alerts
B) we also proposed that,the system should release automatically
C) No customs units will stop your vehicles on the road any longer.
D) it will reduces the physical contacts which may lead to extortion.
On recent introduction of 15% National Automotive Council (NAC) levy, he said the agents had to engage the Federal Ministry of Finance saying it negates the Act establishing NAC.
“Finally, on the issue of 15% NAC which had been imputed, we also discovered that this emanated from the Federal Ministry of Finance and we have immediately swung into action to engage Finance on this because it negates the NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE COUNCIL ACT No 6 of 2014,” he claims.
He blamed 5h3 Service for failure to engage stakeholders in critical policy issues in the industry even as he called on members to go about their normal jobs pending when the issue will be.laid to rest.
“Finally, all the gestating Associations have agreed that, withdraw of Service is not the solution to our problems because the Representatives of Motor Dealers were in the meeting and we have agreed to work together to Compel the federal govt to remove NAC from Used vehicle which will not be immediate.”

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