“Observe federal character in your employment,” MWUN tells Lekki Port management

"Observe federal character in your employment," MWUN tells Lekki Port management


The Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has called on the management of Lekki Free Port Terminals, operators of Lekki Deep Seaport in Lagos to observe federal character in its staff recruitment exercise as it is set to commence operations before the end of year 2022.
The union made the call in view of insurrections in some parts of the country in future for failure to enlist their indigenes in their recruitment exercise.
The President General of MWUN, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju made the call when the union executives paid a working visit to the facility in Lagos on Thursday.
The Human Resources department of the LFP was also advised to consult the union for recommendations and guidance on the dockworkers it would engage to avoid hiring the recalcitrant elements in the port.
The Lekki Free Port Terminals LFT is expected to commence operations between September and December of 2022.
Speaking, he said, “I wouldn’t want what happened in APMT to happen here where employment was tribalised, where employment was one-sided, it did not cut across all the regions and I wouldn’t want this one to be like that.
“It is affecting productivity because other tribes are complaining that are they not part of this country. I want to implore the management to look inward in engaging people, they should spread it round.
“If you spread it round, others too will support you but if you select only one tribe, it will affect the management. That is my advice on that.
Earlier, Comrade Adeyanju while welcoming the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lekki Port, Denrick Moos, he assured the terminal of the union’s support to achieve the aim of the terminal operators
He added that his administration as PG of MWUN will deal decisively with any member of the union working with the terminal, that contravens the laws of the organisation as well as that of the union.
His words, “I want to congratulate you on your new assignment, you are not new in the industry, many may not know you but we know that you have digitized containerized cargoes in Nigeria.
“I am here today with the executives to give you support you to achieve success in your new assignment in the new port where the whole world is focused to see what is going to happen and you have also put the terminal operators in their toes
“The union will not allow any of our members to work contrary to the regulations of the organisation and that of the union
Responding, the CEO, Denrick Moos quipped that the organisation operated open door policy and ready to take complaints from the union.
Moos also sought support of the union to make the port a commercially viable one.
Moos said, “As a new terminal, we respect all stakeholders, we have an open door policy, we are here to work with you and whenever there is need to come and talk to us, feel free.
“We are seeking your support to make the port a commercially viable port
“We are in competition but it is not our intention to be in competition with anybody because the market is big enough for everybody, there is enough containers for everybody. The containers in Nigeria, our own is to help Nigeria’s economy.”

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