MWUN raises alarm over planned invasion of ports by violent intruders to unleash mayhem

MWUN raises alarm over planned invasion of ports by violent intruders to unleash mayhem



Segun Oladipupo

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The leadership of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has said that it is reliably informed of a new threat posed by some violent intruders masquerading as legitimate port users to invade the ports to unleash untold mayhem.

In its letter to the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Mr. Bello Koko on Thursday, the union described the port environment as a supposed safe haven for businesses, lives and property.

In a letter signed by Comrade Oniha Erazua on behalf of the Secretary General, Felix Akingboye, MWUN stated categorically that it would not condone any attack on its members as four members were killed in 2022.

The union added that it may result to total shutdown of all ports facilities in the country if any such attack on its members happens again.

Full text of if the letter, “We bring you fraternal greetings from the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN) and also our heart-felt gratitude on your responsiveness and disposition towards ensuring the safety of our members who work at the Ports.

“We are grateful for the timely manner in which the Nigerian Ports Authority has taken up the case of MWUN and moved to ensure that our members are protected from violent intruders who are working under illegitimate and unsanctioned mandate to extort money from port users as well as truck drivers and other such haulage workers plying the port access roads.

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“Sir, we are constrained to inform you of new threat posed by same violent intruders masquerading as legitimate port users who we are reliably informed have perfected plans to invade the ports are and untold mayhem. We also have it on reliable information that these are the same people who violently attacked and killed four of our members under the guise of ticket fee collection in 2022.

“We wish to state that ports are under the exclusive purview and management of the Federal Government of Nigeria and is also an exclusive economic zone under the direct control of the Federal Government through the Nigerian Ports Authority, therefore, its premises and immediate environs are regarded as a strictly regulated business area with adequate security detail for the protection of lives and property.

“Flowing from the above, a port ought not to be receptive to anyone who has no legitimate business to do there. It therefore, will be a breach of standard if for laxity, some bad actors with sinister motives are allowed to have unfettered or uncontrolled access to the port and indeed the port access road.

“Sir, it is in line with the foregoing that we urgently request a further strengthening of security at the port and on the port access roads to ensure that the entire axis is made safe and conducive for work and legitimate business. The continued and growing threat of violent attacks in the port and on the access roads portends a breakdown of order at an establishment which should ordinarily be a safe haven for legitimate businesses and workers to carry on their activities.

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“Respectfully sir, as social partners in the development of port business, the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria applied utmost caution in its reaction to the previous senseless attack and killing of our members in our own work environment because we believe in law and order, we placed our hopes for justice on the law enforcement agencies to see the matter to its logical and just conclusion and did not take the matter into our own hands.

“Sir, it is on this note we wish to unequivocally state that MWUN shall no longer condone any act of violent attack on its members henceforth as any such attack wilt lead to the withdrawal of services of our members from all ports, jetties, terminals, and oil and gas platforms nationwide.”

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