MWUN issues ultimatum to terminal operators, shipping lines agencies, others over failure to register workers with NSITF

MWUN issues ultimatum to terminal operators, shipping lines agencies, others over failure to register workers with NSITF


…”We promise not to disappoint union, employees will be covered” – NSITF

Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria has issued 21 days ultimatum to terminal operators, ship owners, shopping lines agencies and other employers of labour in the maritime to regularised the register of workers in the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)

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The union at an even last week, stated that some employers under-declare the number of staff in their payroll to avoid paying the necessary dues to the NSITF which according toe union, negates the Acts establishing the Fund.

The union’s helmsman, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju said he had directed the presidents of the four branches to write all their employers to register with the fund and regularised the list of workers enrolled with the pension body.

He maintained that the enlightenment by representatives of the fund has opened the understanding of the union and has discovered that some employers deliberately skip names.of their employees in the register of NSITF in order to evade remitting necessary amount to the coffers of the fund and sometimes, fail pay what is due to workers in case of accidents.

His words, “This is the first of its kind in the industry. NSITF was formed as a hike of necessity to take care of all the workers in Nigeria in terms.l of accident, injury or even gratuity

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“I am a member of the board of NSITF and anytime they call the names of the people that want to give out money to, I didn’t hear the name of maritime industry and it occured to me to ask the board chairman what was happening that NSITF is not heard in maritime and 5he area where I work is a peculiar area where accidents happen.

“The program is an eye opener 3ven to me too because there are some areas that we have been handling with our employers which are supposed to come from NSITF and they are hiding at the back of NSITF and giving us nothing out of what they collect from NSITF.

“It is a welcome development to all our members and we have asked them to extend it to out-port too because we have Calabar, Warri and Onne.

“There are some workers that they are not deducting their pension in line with the law and even when they deduct it, they don’t remit as at when due

“So, the pension administrator needs to look into the mistakes of the past

“I have given directives to the presidents of the four branches of MWUN to issue ultimatum to all their employers who have not complied or registered with NSITF.

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“We want to know those that have complied and 5he ones that have not so that they can go and register with the trust fund.

“They are losing as well as the workers as a result of their ignorance and I think now that our eyes are opened, we have to ask them to pay what they have not been paying to the workers.

“Some of the employers under-declare the number of staff so that they can reduce what they pay to the government so we need to know the number of dockworkers registered

Earlier, the General Manager, NSITF, Lagos Region, Mr. Abdullateef Musa told our correspondent that the enlightenment program is one among many.

He lauded the initiatives of the leadership of MWUN for calling attention of the Funds to the industry even as he added that the enthusiasm from the union would make the job easier and faster for the Trust Funds administrators.

He said, “What I witnessed today is unprecedented, the cooperation, contributions, the knowledge and 5he force to assist NSITF to achieve its mandate is very great.

“The union is the major beneficiary of the program of NSITF pension scheme because that is what the union stands for the welfare of the workers.

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“This is an enlightenment and knowledge and the benefit is well taken and known and this one is putting us on the cruise and we will do the job with little or no efforts because the key-in of the maritime workers has done the job for us and that is what we yearn for

“We have promised that we will not disappoint them and the employees will be covered and get benefits from whoever they work for,” he maintained.

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