ILO, WHO seek safer working conditions for workers worldwide

ILO, WHO seek safer working conditions for workers worldwide

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned that health teams worldwide need much safer working conditions to combat the dangerous neglect they have faced during COVID-19 pandemic

This is coming after the United Nations (UN) agency said that no fewer than 115,500 health workers have died from COVID-19 pandemic due to lack of safeguards within 18 months.

Both 5he UN health and labour agency insisted that the pandemic has contributed to additional heavy toll on workers.

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Maria Neira, Director, Department of Environment, Climate Change and Health of WHO said, “Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the health sector was among the most hazardous sectors to work in

“Only a few healthcare facilities had programmes in place for managing health and safety at work

“Health workers suffered from infections, musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, workplace violence and harassment, burnout and allergies from the poor working environment

The duo however released new guidelines for health centers at national and local levels

“Such programmes should cover all occupational hazards, infections, ergonomics, physical, chemical and psycho-social,” the agencies noted

According to Director, ILO Sectoral Policies Department, Alette Van Leur, ” Like all other workers, should enjoy their right to decent work, safe and healthy working environments and social protection for health care, sickness absence and occupational diseases and injuries.”

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