Graduates now apply for dockworkers job

Graduates now apply for dockworkers job

Due to reforms in the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN), university graduates now jostle for dockworkers job in Nigeria, the union claims.

On Tuesday, while addressing members of the union in Lagos, Dockworkers branch president, Comrade Tajudeen Ibrahim Ohize stated that as a result of upgrade in the union, it has attracted many people in the society to identify with it.

He told his members that the union was a departure from what it used to be saying MWUN would no longer tolerate hooliganism from any member or act of fighting in the terminal.

Happy Diamond Age

He adduced the sanity in the union to the leadership roles of Comrade Tony Nted and Comrade Adewale Adeyanju

Speaking, he said, “As I am talking to you, the union is no longer what it used to be. There has been a great change.

“We are no longer the dockworkers of yesterday, we have been reformed, people now identify with us.

“5oday, graduates apply for our job, I have about 40 CVs on my table there likewise the PG has many application letters on his table too

“So, you should know that anything that will tarnish the image of this union, the PG will never take it.ligntly,” he stated.

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